Plot twist: City receives debt transparency award from State Comptroller


As we near the end of a months-long election campaign that has been framed by a debate over debt and finances, the City of Kerrville reported today that the State Comptroller had issued the finance department a “Transparency Star” in the area of debt obligations. This program recognizes entities whose websites show visual and narrative detail on outstanding debt, tax-supported debt obligations, historical bond elections and more.

For the past two months, candidates for Place 1 and Place 2 respectively, George Baroody and Mario Garcia, have run advertisements and made statements that call into question the city’s transparency in the way the entity reports and discusses its debt obligations. For instance, in this advertisement run by Garcia on March 30, he takes issue with the way the city presented their debt obligations, and claimed that Baroody was the only person to point out this alleged flaw in reporting.

Garcia advertisement on March 30. See this article for the entire ad and discussion.

In each of their respective interviews with Kerrville United (found in the column to the right on this page) the candidates express their dismay at the way the city handles and presents information related to debt and funding methods to pay for the debt service. But the State Comptroller Glenn Hegar points out that:

By providing taxpayers with essential debt information in a variety of formats, the City of Kerrville has shown a true commitment to Texas taxpayers. This effort achieves the goals set by our Transparency Stars program. I am pleased to award the City of Kerrville a star for its accomplishments.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hagar

The City of Kerrville Finance Department, headed by Amy Dozier, has received multiple transparency and budget awards in years past.

The City of Kerrville Finance Department includes, from left, Trina Rodriguez, Randi Van Winkle, Sureena Cripps, Chief Financial Officer Amy Dozier, Julie Smith, Nina Dunn.