Kerr County Elections

Commissioners Court

Kerr County, like all counties in Texas, are administered by elected “County Commissioners.” The five elected officials make up the Commissioners Court, presided over by the Kerr County Judge, who is also a member of the court. The judge is elected “at large” meaning he or she can reside anywhere in the county. Each of the other commissioners must be elected from a precinct, or a geographical area of the county, as pictured below.

Precinct Map of Kerr County, Texas

Commissioners serve four-year terms. Elections for members of the Commissioners Court are staggered to occur every two years. It should be noted that in Kerr County, it is rare for a Democrat or third party candidate to run for county commissioner (or any other race). Therefore the actual election is generally decided in the primary election instead of in the general election.

  • Presidential Election Year: Precinct 1 and Precinct 3
  • Mid-Term Election Year: County Judge, Precinct 2, and Precinct 4

There are no primary or general elections for Commissioners Court scheduled for 2017.

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