City Council Elections

City Council Chambers

City Council Chambers at Kerrville City Hall. Copyright Aaron Yates.

Kerrville’s City Council consists of five members who are elected “at large.” That means that anyone who lives inside the city limits (for at least one year) can run for any place on the council, including Mayor, or Place 1, Place 2, Place 3, or Place 4. Each member serves a two-year term.

Every year at least two of the five seats are up for election. In 2017, Places 1 and 2 are up for election. The election will be held on May 6, 2017. Applications were due on February 17.

Place 1

Place 1 on the City Council is currently held by Mr. Stephen Fine. He was elected to this position in 2015 upon defeating Don Barnett and George Baroody. Two candidates have filed for the May 2017 election: Stephen Fine (incumbent) and Vincent Voelkel (challenger).

Mr. Voelkel also ran in the 2016 city council election for Place 3 against George Baroody and Gary Stork (incumbent at the time). Mr. Voelkel came in third in that election and Mr. Stork was re-elected.

Place 2

Place 2 on the City Council is currently held by Mr. Glenn Andrew. He was appointed to that chair in May 2016 following a mayoral election that left it vacant when Bonnie White became mayor, after defeating Andrew in that race. Mr. Andrew announced in February that he would not seek re-election to his seat on Place 2.

Only one other candidate applied to be on the ballot — Mr. George Baroody. So Baroody will most likely be seated on Place 2 in May 2017. The deadline for filing for the election has passed, so only a write-in candidate could challenge at this stage.

Mr. Baroody has been on the ballot twice before, losing to Stephen Fine in 2015 and to Gary Stork in 2016. Baroody also applied for three vacancies on council that occurred in 2016-2017 and was not appointed.