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Delayne Sigerman files for Place 4

This week Delayne Sigerman officially filed for a place on the ballot for City Council Place 4. The city election is scheduled for May 5, 2018, and Kerrville will elect a mayor and two city councilpersons on places 3 and 4.

Mrs. Delayne Sigerman

Sigerman has served on the Economic Improvement Corporation, the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, and the board of directors for Playhouse 2000.

She is the first person to file for the Place 4 seat. Incumbent councilperson Warren Ferguson, who was appointed to fill the term left vacant by the resignation of Gene Allen, is not running for another term.

In a press release, Sigerman stated:

I’m running for City Council because I believe I can add value to planning Kerrville’s future
based upon my experience on the EIC Board, my steering committee involvement with the
planning process of the Comprehensive Plan, my experience on the Board of Playhouse 2000
and the personal investment I have made attending many of the Council meetings to observe
and learn over the past two years. My family lives, works and recreates here in Kerrville so
therefore, I have a vested interested in seeing it continue to thrive and prosper.

Bill Blackburn enters race for Mayor of Kerrville

In a press release issued on January 12, Bill Blackburn announced his candidacy for Kerrville’s mayor. The election is scheduled for May 5, 2018. The incumbent mayor is Mrs. Bonnie White, who was elected in May 2016.

Mr. Blackburn has been a Kerrville resident since 1984, and is a retired pastor from Trinity Baptist Church of Kerrville. In the 30+ years he has lived in Kerrville, Blackburn has served in various leadership capacities including Habitat for Humanity, Christian Assistance Ministries (CAM), Christian Women’s Job Corps, Salvation Army, State Hospital, Community Foundation, and the City’s Comprehensive Plan Committee of 2002.

In his press release, Blackburn stated:

I believe Kerrville is at a critical time as we look to the future for our city… [Carrying out the mission of the new comprehensive plan] requires hard work, visionary leadership, and someone who is willing to bring people together to get things done and to see goals met. Therefore, I humbly announce my candidacy for the position of mayor of Kerrville. I look forward to leading Kerrville into the future, beginning in 2018.

Mr. Bill Blackburn

Election Season Underway

The new year brings a new season of politics and elections at the local, state, and national levels. 2018 is sure to be a tumultuous year in politics as we gear up for a whole slate of races that will have huge consequences for our communities, our states, and our nation.

Kerrville United wants to remind you that even though the majority of the news coverage will feature breathless reports about the primaries and the November general elections, one of the most consequential elections of the year — as far as what will affect your daily life perhaps more than any other — is the City of Kerrville election slated for May 5, 2018.

What’s on the Ballot?

This May, Kerrville will elect a mayor and two councilpersons. Our city has a city council made up of five members: 4 council seats and a mayor. During even years we elect the mayor and places 3 and 4. During odd years, we elect places 1 and 2. Here are the incumbents for the seats that are on the ballot this year:

  • Mayor Bonnie White
  • Place 3 Mary Ellen Summerlin
  • Place 4 Warren Ferguson

As of now, we don’t know officially who’s running for each of these seats. Will the incumbents defend their spots? Will challengers appear? As we’ll detail below, the official application for the ballot doesn’t open until mid-January, so we wait with bated breath.

Important Dates

Here are some VERY IMPORTANT dates to remember for the city election:

  • Filing Dates – January 17 to February 16 – These are the dates when a candidate can file to be on the ballot. In another section below, we’ll discuss how they qualify to be on the ballot.
  • Last day to declare as a write-in – February 20 – This is the date that all write-in candidates must declare that they’d like to be considered by voters.
  • Last day to register to vote – April 5 – If you want to vote in the May election, you have to register by this date! Very important!
  • Early voting – April 23 to May 1 – Early voting will take place at the Cailloux Theater.
  • Election Day – May 5, 2018

Who can run for mayor or council?

Most folks who live in Kerrville are qualified to be on the ballot. Here are the requirements:

  • United States Citizen
  • At least 18 years of age by May 2018
  • Cannot be declared mentally unfit
  • No felony convictions
  • Residency in the city limits of Kerrville for the past 12 months (consecutively)
  • Registered voter
  • Cannot hold any other elected office

So, basically, you have to be over 18 and have to have lived in Kerrville for at least the past year. Contact Brenda Craig at the City Clerk’s Office for more information about eligibility.

How does one get on the ballot?

If a candidate meets all of the qualifications mentioned above, he or she has two ways to get on the ballot:

  1. Application and Signatures – You fill out an application and turn in a petition with at least 100 signatures from registered/eligible city voters.
  2. Application and Fee – In lieu of signatures, a candidate may fill out his/her application and attach a filing fee of $100.

The signatures option is a bit trickier than it sounds at first. The clerk has to review the signature petition and verify that each signer is a registered and eligible voter for the Kerrville election. All of the names, therefore, must be legible and verifiable. Also, let’s say you, as an eligible Kerrville voter, sign a petition for a candidate running for place 4. Then another candidate for place 4 comes along and you sign that one, too. Whoever turns in their petition first would get credit for your signature, and the signature on the next petition would be invalidated. So, that is, you can only sign a petition for one candidate in each place or seat.

If you are considering a run for mayor or place 3 or 4, visit the City of Kerrville City Secretary’s web page for contact information. Brenda Craig will get you an application and help you fill out your forms properly.

Next Steps…

If you aren’t currently registered to vote, DO IT TODAY! We have a link below to take you to the Texas Secretary of State’s website where you can check your eligibility and voter registration status. You can register online if you’re not up to date.

Please note that the deadlines for the other 2018 elections are different. Check the SOS website for information on deadlines for the 2018 Primary Election and the General Election.

But most importantly, REGISTER and VOTE!!

Check Registration:

We will bring you all the news regarding the City of Kerrville candidates, campaigns, and election. Stay tuned!

How to vote in the City of Kerrville Election

Did you know that in the last city election, 75.8% of the voters were between the ages of 60 and 89?

Did you know that only about 14% of registered voters actually cast a ballot in the last city election?

This means that only a small segment of the community is controlling who gets to make decisions that affect all of us on a daily basis. The most important way you can make Kerrville a better place to live, work, and play, is to make sure your voice is heard in EVERY local election.

Check your voter registration status

Using this link, you can check to make sure your registration is current and accurate. Login using either your voter ID number, driver’s license number, or name and date of birth.

The deadline to register for the next city council election is April 5, 2018!

Register to vote

You can register online or in person. For in-person registration, visit the tax office at the Kerr County Courthouse, 700 Main Street, Suite 124.

Register Online:

Get informed

Our website (and Facebook page) should help you keep informed on several issues pertaining to the City of Kerrville, but also consider reading the Kerrville Daily Times and the Hill Country Community Journal to get a variety of sources on local issues.

Please consider joining our email newsletter to receive important updates on city issues and events.

The City of Kerrville also has its own YouTube page with full recordings of most important meetings of City Council, EIC, P&Z, and other city boards. Check it out to get an in-depth look at your city government!

For other ballot measures, check out the League of Women Voters. They offer free voting guides for state and national elections.


Finally, get out there and vote! The City of Kerrville election is scheduled for May 5, 2018. Early voting will be from April 23 to May 1. All voting takes place at the Cailloux Theater at 910 Main St, Kerrville, TX 78028.

Races for Place 1 and 2 shape up as deadline passes

Friday was the deadline to apply for a spot on the 2017 Kerrville City Council election ballot, and the race will not be as competitive as we thought. Despite 11 men submitting applications to fill the vacancy on Place 4 last week, only 2 of those candidates actually filed for the election ballot.

For Place 1, Mr. Vincent Voelkel turned in his application to run against incumbent Stephen Fine. Mr. Fine also turned in his packet last week, so he will appear on the May ballot. These two will be the only candidates on the ballot in this year’s election for Place 1.

For Place 2, only one candidate will appear on the ballot: George Baroody. Incumbent Glenn Andrew did not choose to seek re-election to his seat. So only Mr. Baroody will appear on the ballot, giving him a “free pass” for Seat 2.

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So you wanna be a city councilmember…

Good on you! Way to take the initiative and get involved in your community. The upcoming 2017 election occurs on May 6, and will include City Council Place 1 and Place 2. Current holders of those seats are Stephen Fine and Glenn Andrew, respectively.


The first thing you’ll need to know is that you must file an application  to get a place on the ballot. The application fee is $100, which is waived if you file a valid petition instead. You must get 100 signatures of qualified and registered voters in the city to waive the filing fee. The important thing to remember is they must be qualified to vote in CITY elections — not county. If they’re not eligible to vote in the city, their signature isn’t counted towards that 100.

Qualifications for Office

To hold a position on city council, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Qualified voter in the State of Texas;
  • At least 18 years old;
  • Resident of the City for 12 consecutive months (or you must have lived in a recently annexed area for at least 12 consecutive months);
  • Cannot hold any other elected office or city employment.


Applications and petitions can be picked up starting now at City Hall in the City Secretary’s office. Call 258-1117 for more information. Or visit the city’s election page for more info.

You must file your completed application/petition between January 18 and February 17, 2017.

The Historic City Election of 2016

On Saturday, May 7, the final votes were cast in an historic city council election in Kerrville, Texas. Record voter turnout for early voting plus election day voting helped boost Bonnie White to the mayor’s seat, and kept Place 3 and 4 incumbents in their seats — Gary Stork and Gene Allen, respectively.


Bonnie White has become only the second female mayor of Kerrville in the city’s history. The last time a woman was elected mayor was in the mid 1970s. She garnered 52.9% of the 3,205 votes cast for the mayor’s race, beating challenger Glenn Andrew.

Numerous candidates challenged the incumbents in Places 3 and 4, but Stork and Allen held on, taking 39% and 37% respectively, gaining a plurality of votes in the crowded fields for those races.

Statements from the Candidates

Bonnie White: “Thank you Kerrville. I am so honored to be your Mayor.”

Gene Allen: “Well my friends, it’s finally over. We ran a great race, we held our heads high and took the high road many times. We prevailed! History was made yesterday from what I was told. Being Re-elected makes for the longest serving council member in this city’s history. That’s unconfirmed, but what I was told by authorities on the subject! Lol […] Thanks to all who have encouraged, and helped in any way to make this possible. My promise to you is that I will continue to strive to make Kerrville better than it already is! Thanks so much! Gene”

City of Kerrville City Council Forums

The Hill Country Area League of Women Voters hosted candidate forums at Schreiner University this week. Place 3 and Place 4 candidates answer questions in the two videos below, but no mayoral forum was held because Bonnie White declined the invitation to participate.

BREAKING: Mayor Jack Pratt withdraws from race

Kerrville’s current mayor, Jack Pratt, announced today on REV-FM that he will withdraw from the 2016 mayoral campaign.

This leaves just two candidates for mayor: current city councilwoman in Place 2, Bonnie White, and challenger Glenn Andrew.

More information coming soon as it becomes available.

Three’s company when it comes to council races

The race for city council keeps getting more and more crowded. As of today, we have three people running for mayor, three running for Place 3, and three running for Place 4.

If you’re keeping track at home, here are the players that have announced as of today:

Mayor Race: Jack Pratt (i), Glenn Andrew, Bonnie White

Place 3: Gary Stork (i), George Baroody, Vincent Voelkel

Place 4: Gene Allen (i), James Hart, Gene Smith

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