Monday, April 15, 2024

Local Issues

Issues faced by the City of Kerrville, Kerr County, and surrounding communities.

Explaining the Lennar Homes development agreement

Our latest video discusses the deal points in the agreement between the City of Kerrville and Lennar Homes.

Evaluating the housing deal on Olympic Drive

The housing crisis in Kerrville and Kerr County is well-defined. The median home price has climbed steadily from a median sales price...

Council will consider workforce housing development agreement

A special called meeting of the Kerrville City Council on Wednesday will feature discussion and possible action regarding a subdivision agreement with...

OPINION: Elections should be hard

Authored by Aaron Yates Pop quiz... Determine which political party sponsored or supported the following local laws or initiatives:

Fact-checking the City Council challengers

Every political campaign contains remarks that can be classified as embellishments, exaggerations, or spin, including in national, state, and local races. In...