380 agreements in other nearby cities


Kerrville doesn’t have much history with 380 agreements, but we have found lots of examples of their use in other nearby cities to help promote economic development. Here are our findings:


The city of Boerne established a new economic development plan in 2013 that put a strong emphasis on 380 agreements. By that year, the city had already pursued seven such agreements for utility expansion, retail development, and business retention.

From their 2014 economic report:

Utility expansion 380 agreements included Mercedes Benz of Boerne, Toyota of Boerne, Woods of Boerne and Gehan Homes (Champion Heights). Another utility project that the City believes to be of great importance is the South sewer main extension with Du-Mar, Ltd. This particular project will expand our sewer utility customer base by enabling commercial development in the area, which previously did not have access to sewer service. The City also began a focused effort on business retention efforts, with Allcat Claims Service, L.P., being the first to receive incentives to not only keep, but potentially expand their business in Boerne. The seventh 380 Agreement approved by the City Council was for an apartment complex to serve the senior community of Boerne. The project would address both home inventory diversity and utility system expansion goals, but the project was not funded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs in 2013. The developer has stated they intend to seek funding again in 2014.

Boerne’s 2016 economic development plan includes a 380 agreement for a 72-unit apartment complex, and several other projects were being considered.


In 2011, Fredericksburg adopted a Chapter 380 Economic Development Program and immediately used the program to enter into a development agreement with the Former Texas Rangers Foundation for their building project on Highway 290 — a project that was originally planned for construction in Kerrville.