Kerrville Bank Robberies

Kerrville Police Department
Kerrville Police Department seal. Photo copyright Aaron Yates.

Did you know that there have been eight bank robberies in Kerrville since 2003? Did you know that in three of those robberies, no suspect was ever caught? Another bank was robbed this morning in Kerrville (Bank of America), and that suspect is still on the loose as of this writing. If he gets away, it will be four robberies out of eight that have gone unsolved.

Update 02/09/16: Suspect apprehended! Police distributed his photo to local media outlets and the perp was recognized. He was arrested Tuesday morning.

Here is the history of bank robberies in Kerrville since 2003:

April 2003 – Broadway Bank – Never apprehended.

June 2003 – Hill Country State Bank – Arrested in Phoenix, AZ, later that month

March 2004 – Bank of America – Suspect nabbed within 30 minutes

April 2008 – Bank of America – Never apprehended.

May 2011 – Kerr County Credit Union – Arrested later that month.

August 2013 – Bank of the Hills; BBVA Compass Bank – Never apprehended.

February 2016 – Bank of America – Arrested the next day in Kerrville.

Source: Kerrville Daily Times archive