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Place 4 Gene Allen Resigns from Council

Mr. Gene Allen

In a surprise move yesterday, former councilperson for Place 4, Mr. Gene Allen, submitted his letter of resignation effective at midnight last night. He cited personal and family matters, as well as the changing political environment in Kerrville as reasons for his departure.

Quotes from Gene Allen’s resignation letter.

Quotes from Gene Allen’s resignation letter.

Mr. Allen has served Kerrville for about seven years as city council person, having been elected in 2010, and subsequently re-elected in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Learn more about the current council and what’s to come in the video below.


2016 Primary Election Results are in!

Full election results as provided by the county. (PDF)

Kerr County Commissioner Precinct 1

The County Commissioner Precinct 1 Race was the closest local race, and because one person did not claim a majority of the votes (50+%), we are headed to a runoff between Dr. William Rector and Mr. Harley Belew.

Here are the tabulations for Commissioner Pct. 1:

Name Votes Pct.
Rector 1,323 39.85%
Belew 1,086 32.71%
Jones 554 16.69%
Lambert 222 6.69%
Taylor 135 4.07%

Constable Precinct 1

Tommy Rodriguez defeated Albert Luebano handily with 60% of the vote. The totals were 1,839-1,222.

Constable Precinct 3

Challenger Kenneth Wilke defeated incumbent Angel Garza with a 3:2 margin. Wilke received 1,129 (59.99%) to Garza’s 753 (40.01%).

What’s going on in Ingram?

Ingram isn’t technically a city we cover here at Kerrville United, but this series of events has us puzzled. Let’s look at this timeline…

  • April 7, 2015 – Ingram city manager Stan Neuse resigns due to health reasons
  • June 16, 2015 – Ingram hires interim city manager John Washburn
  • January 19, 2016 – City manager John Washburn resigns unexpectedly after only seven months of service
  • January 2016 – City of Ingram settles a lawsuit regarding political targeting and civil rights violations. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.
  • January 2016 – City Marshal Rowan Zachry retires and one of his subordinates, Deputy Marshal Jimmy Furr, resigns
  • January 2016 – An accountant is fired from city hall
  • January 27, 2016 – Ingram Mayor James Salter resigns just a few months before the May election

Now, we’re not sure if any of these things are related or are just pure coincidence, but it smells like a story that the Kerrville Daily Times or West Kerr Current should be investigating.

Kerrville Crime Report for January 2016

Thanks to the Kerrville Police Department and CrimeMapping.com, we now have detailed trend reports about criminal activity in Kerrville. The KPD inputs all of the crime info and addresses for their reports into this system that is now publicly available for review.

January 2016 crime stats.

January 2016 crime stats.

Notably, over 40% of the crimes reported in January are related to drugs and alcohol — 49 drug/alcohol violations and 13 DUI/DWI arrests out of a total of 153 crimes reported.

Amazingly, there were no arrests for DUI reported from 12/31/15 to 01/02/16 — New Year’s Eve/Day. There were three reports of drunkenness, but no actual DWI arrests, according to the site.

Crime reports were down over 10% from December, when 173 crimes were reported. The biggest drop was in theft/larceny, which was at 44 in December and only 23 reports in January.

To see the entire map, visit the link below.


How dumb are Kerrville bank robbers?

Verdict: The ones that got caught are pretty dumb. Most of them never even left town after the robbery. But a few have gotten away with it in the last thirteen years or so. Check out some of the interesting ways these people have been caught, and how others managed to evade police. A few are still on the loose! Continue reading

Kerrville Bank Robberies

Kerrville Police Department

Kerrville Police Department seal. Photo copyright Aaron Yates.

Did you know that there have been eight bank robberies in Kerrville since 2003? Did you know that in three of those robberies, no suspect was ever caught? Another bank was robbed this morning in Kerrville (Bank of America), and that suspect is still on the loose as of this writing. If he gets away, it will be four robberies out of eight that have gone unsolved.

Update 02/09/16: Suspect apprehended! Police distributed his photo to local media outlets and the perp was recognized. He was arrested Tuesday morning.

Continue reading