Kerrville Crime Report for January 2016


Thanks to the Kerrville Police Department and, we now have detailed trend reports about criminal activity in Kerrville. The KPD inputs all of the crime info and addresses for their reports into this system that is now publicly available for review.

January 2016 crime stats.
January 2016 crime stats.

Notably, over 40% of the crimes reported in January are related to drugs and alcohol — 49 drug/alcohol violations and 13 DUI/DWI arrests out of a total of 153 crimes reported.

Amazingly, there were no arrests for DUI reported from 12/31/15 to 01/02/16 — New Year’s Eve/Day. There were three reports of drunkenness, but no actual DWI arrests, according to the site.

Crime reports were down over 10% from December, when 173 crimes were reported. The biggest drop was in theft/larceny, which was at 44 in December and only 23 reports in January.

To see the entire map, visit the link below.,3508511.3064108365&z=13&mc=world-street&cc=AR,AS,BU,DP,DR,DU,FR,HO,VT,RO,SX,TH,VA,VB,WE&db=1/01/2016&de=1/31/2016