Tuesday, December 1, 2020

OPINION: Elections should be hard

Authored by Aaron Yates Pop quiz... Determine which political party sponsored or supported the following local laws or initiatives: Lowering the property tax rateAdopting an austere (smaller) budgetFreezing employee pay raisesA major investment into street maintenanceEarmarking...

Big turnout on day 1 of early voting in Kerr County

According to the Texas Secretary of State's website, 4,296 ballots had been cast at the close of polls on Monday, including in-person and mail-in ballots. That total represents over 11% of registered voters in Kerr County. In-person voters cast 2,201 ballots on...

Fact-checking the City Council challengers

Every political campaign contains remarks that can be classified as embellishments, exaggerations, or spin, including in national, state, and local races. In recent years, the role of fact-checkers has increased in importance, adding context and clarity to the race, and calling out...

Candidate forum hosted by Chamber of Commerce

The Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum for all six contenders for Kerrville City Council. The video was streamed live and the recording is available below. https://vimeo.com/463111627

City Council adopts smaller FY21 budget and a reduced tax rate

Tuesday night's City Council meeting was the first meeting that included in-person visitors since the pandemic precautions began in March. Held at the Cailloux Theater to allow for in-person attendance and social distancing, the meeting included the second and final readings of...

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