Final early voting numbers for 2020 Primary Election


Kerr County residents came to the polls in huge numbers on Friday, helping drive up the early voting turnout during the 2020 Primary Election. Almost 1,300 voters cast a ballot on Friday, February 28, contributing to a total early voting turnout of 7,182.

The daily totals for early voting are seen in the chart below.

Feb 1852168
Feb 1953765
Feb 2055957
Feb 2162385
Feb 2230050
Feb 2452680
Feb 25704111
Feb 26671153
Feb 27624150
Feb 281,049249

The total number of registered voters in Kerr County is 36,127, so the overall turnout for early voting represents about 20% of the electorate.

Early voting totals are very similar to the turnout reported in 2016. Exact totals are still being researched, because the numbers vary depending on which source is consulted. According to the Kerr County 2016 returns, about 7,285 voters cast a ballot in the R and D primaries in 2016, which is a slightly higher total than these 2020 numbers. But overall, the turnout numbers are very similar to those of 2016.