EARLY VOTING: City Charter Amendment Results


Early voting totals were released at 8:10 PM on Tuesday evening, giving us a glimpse into the trends for each of the Propositions on the ballot. With a turnout of approximately 1,300 voters in early voting and mail-in balloting, all but two propositions were finding strong support.

Propositions P and R were both trending toward “Against” during early voting, down 59-41% for Proposition P and 54-46% for Proposition R.

Proposition P has to do with authorizing the mayor to create and make appointments to ad hoc committees with or without the consent of council.

Proposition R has to do with eliminating the requirement that the city manager and finance director give bonds to the city.

Final results should be posted soon. Here are the cumulative results for early voting, which includes both State Constitutional Amendments and City of Kerrville Charter Amendments.