Board of Realtors endorses Clarkson and Cochrane


Yesterday the Kerrville Board of Realtors announced their endorsements of two candidates for city council: Gary Cochrane and Kim Clarkson. This is only the second time in recent memory that this board has endorsed specific candidates. The first was in the 2018 race when the board endorsed Judy Eychner and Bill Blackburn.

Board members of the Kerrville Board of Realtors with Gary Cochrane and Kim Clarkson. Photo from Facebook.

The Kerrville Board of Realtors is a group that represents over 250 real estate professionals in the Kerrville area, promoting private property rights and home ownership. The board and its membership has a vested interest in seeing Kerrville continue to grow responsibly and continue to be an attractive place to live and work.

Early voting begins on Monday, April 22, and Election Day is May 4. Kerrville will elect two places to City Council — Place 1 and 2.