Fact-Checking Commissioner Harley Belew


County Commissioner Harley Belew took a swipe at Kerrville United on his radio program this morning, saying, “I don’t know what the hell they do. They don’t know what they’re doing. I’ll tell you what they do: they do anything that comes down the pike from somebody like, uh, Beto O’Rourke or Michael Moore, or whatever. They’re all about that.”

County Commissioner for Place 1, Harley Belew

Let’s fact check… Kerrville United does not take positions or create content about any partisan races or issues. This is a deliberate decision and something we take very seriously. All of our previous articles and videos are posted within this site, and you will not find anything about senate races, national politicians, or partisan politics.

Our supporters are made up of folks from across the political spectrum — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. City of Kerrville politics are non-partisan by nature. Because of the city’s charter, council members do not display party affiliation during campaigns or during their service. We believe that no single party has a monopoly on good ideas and no single party can face Kerrville’s challenges alone. We must all work together — across party lines — to make Kerrville a better place.

We are disappointed that Commissioner Belew would use his radio program to attack our group with these unfounded claims. Further, we are disappointed that one of our county representatives would use his radio program to advance only one side of an important issue like the TIRZ and not allow a dissenting view, nor invite any experts that actually have answers to his questions about this project.

We urge our readers to seek factual information and dismiss fear-mongering and charged rhetoric when deciding an issue.