City Council Meeting Agenda for January 9, 2018


The Kerrville City Council will hold its first regular meeting of 2018 tonight at Kerrville City Hall. This is the first meeting since the December 12 meeting, the highlight of which was the ousting of EIC Member James Wilson. This evening, one of the first items on the agenda is a Resolution of Commendation for James Wilson and Paul Stafford (who resigned the EIC in protest following the termination of Wilson). Typically the mayor gives out these commendations, so we watch with interest to see how that plays out this evening.

Agenda for Tonight

  • Ordering a General Election for May 5 – This is the official resolution that authorizes the May election, which will include on the ballot the Mayor, Place 3, and Place 4.
  • Rejection of all bids for Sports Complex irrigation pond – Both bids exceeded the city’s budget for this project, so council will consider rejecting the bids and re-scoping the project.
  • Amending “home occupation” in Zoning Code – First reading of the proposed ordinance that would change the definition of “home occupation” and how homeowners are allowed to do commercial business in residential-zoned districts. Apparently this item has been moved to January 23, so we may not hear it tonight.
  • Board Appointments – Council will consider appointing members to the Library Advisory Board, the P&Z Commission, and the EIC. Some or all of these items are eligible for executive session. The EIC appointments will replace the two members who were terminated and who resigned in December.

Other items include some zoning ordinances, interlocal agreements, and other matters. The meeting begins at 6:00 PM and is available for viewing at the City’s streaming portal, as well as on local cable television channel 10.

The full agenda packet is available as a PDF at this link: