KISD Board of Trustees calls emergency meeting to deal with coronavirus fallout


Kerrville Independent School District Board of Trustees called a special emergency meeting for 6:00 PM in the administration building to deal with the continuing coronavirus crisis. The only action item on the agenda was:

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE AND CONSIDER BOARD RESOLUTION presented by Mark J. Foust, Ed.D., Superintendent.

Inside the board’s agenda packet was a draft emergency declaration that included authorizing the superintendent to take action “to minimize the impact to students, staff, families, and the community.” The superintendent would be authorized to apply for missed instructional day waivers and low attendance day waivers to account for the impact of COVID-19 on student attendance.

KISD Board proposed resolution for March 18, 2020

Reading between the lines of the “whereas” portions of the resolution, it appears that the board will authorize the superintendent to make a decision about postponing or canceling classes, and/or facilitating other learning environments, such as distance learning. The district emphasizes that it is important for staff to be paid during any suspension of classes.

At this time it is unclear what specific actions may be taken as a result of this resolution. Kerrville United will provide an update as soon as the meeting results are made public.