EIC moves ahead with potential funding agreement for Doyle Community Center

Larry D. Moore / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

The Economic Improvement Corporation voted unanimously on Monday to move ahead with a potential funding agreement that would provide $400,000 toward renovations at the Doyle Community Center along Paschal Street in Kerrville. The Doyle board president, Kay Tally-Foos, presented plans for the center that includes rehabilitation or replacement of key infrastructure within the building that hosts community functions, as well as programs for education, health, seniors, and nutrition.

A key element of the recent initiative to improve the facility is thanks to a grant called the Build Health Initiative. This program will be guided by the Doyle board and Peterson Health to bring better medical access to the local community. New programs made possible by this grant will include health screenings, healthcare navigation advice, transportation to medical facilities, and nutrition programs.

The $400,000 EIC grant, funded by 4B sales tax funds that are set aside for economic development and quality of life projects, would fund approximately one-half of the renovation project at the center. The other half would be raised from private charitable entities.

Monday’s action by the EIC instructs staff to prepare a draft funding agreement and to set a public hearing on this matter for the regular meeting in March. At that meeting, EIC will likely hear from community members about this project and vote to approve or disapprove the agreement.

Cover image: Larry D. Moore / CC BY-SA