Large turnout expected as Council weighs Vintage Heights zoning appeal


Kerrville’s City Council will convene a regular meeting on Tuesday, January 14, at 6:00 PM in council chambers at City Hall. A large crowd is expected to attend the meeting to speak in regards to the Vintage Heights subdivision that is on the agenda for a zoning appeal to change the zone from R1 to R2 — a request that was denied by the Planning & Zoning Commission in December.

New Deal Offered for Vintage Heights

A new set of terms have been proposed by the city and the developer for Council’s consideration. The agenda packet titles them “deal points” that would be used to create a development agreement between the city and the developer. The offer includes the following:

Developer Commitments

  • No street connections into Riverhill — The existing “stub outs” would be left as they are, fenced off, and the new development would not have access through those three streets (Green Tree, Hickory Hills, Ridgewood)
  • Fencing along boundary with adjacent Riverhill property owners — 8′ tall wooden privacy fence
  • Larger lots adjacent to Riverhill, sized as they would if zoned R1
  • Only single story homes within 100 feet of Riverhill
  • Phases 1 and 2 limited to single family homes
  • Construction and landscaping requirements for the new homes
  • At least 40% of the development must be left as open space
  • Developer constructs all utilities as per city codes

City Commitments

  • 45% property tax rebate for 20 years from the date the first home goes on the tax rolls (homes must be priced at or under $227,000 for this exemption, and the total exemption will be capped at $5 million)
  • Terminate prior development agreement
  • Accept proposed street configurations

If the council chooses to accept these deal points, the city would re-zone the property to R2 and enter into the development agreement as described above.

Other Agenda Items

Appointments to the following boards:

  • Kerr Emergency 911 Network Board of Directors
  • Library Advisory Board
  • Recovery Community Coalition
  • Senior Services Advisory Board
  • Planning & Zoning Commission

The second and final reading of ordinance will be read to adopt the City Charter Amendments as approved in the November special election.