Council simplifies rules and lowers fees for food trucks


City Council passed an ordinance to amend the city’s health code to allow for food trucks (Mobile Food Units) within the City Limits, as long as those vendors meet our health standards, fire safety standards, and remain mobile.

Under the current law, which will be replaced with this new ordinance, it is difficult for food trucks to operate on a regular basis because of the high fees, stringent rules, and specific requirements in the code that require a permanent facility for food storage and waste disposal. City staff met with local vendors and committees to help alleviate those challenges.

The new ordinance will change the city’s laws to more closely match the state standards for health and safety as it pertains to restaurants and mobile vendors. In addition, the city will remove the “peddler’s permit,” remove the location fee, and remove the requirement for a one-year lease. Instead, a single permit for mobile food units will be established, and a difference permitting process will be established for special events.

Council stated that it definitely wants food trucks to be allowed, but wants to be very sure that the health and safety of the public is protected. This ordinance would provide that safety while simultaneously lowering the costs to encourage mobile food units.

The ordinance was passed unanimously on first reading. The ordinance must be approved a second time at the next city council meeting, and then the law will be adopted.

The full text of the ordinance can be viewed here (PDF):