CVB reminds us of the economic impact of tourism


In an op-ed published in the weekend edition of the Kerrville Daily Times, the CEO of the Kerrville Convention and Visitors Bureau reminds us of the tremendous economic impact that tourism brings our community. According to Charlie McIlvain and CVB research, tourism supports over 17% of local jobs and reduces the tax burden for local residents by one-third.

McIlvain goes on to note that local amenities funded by local government are big reasons that visitors flock to our area — specifically, the sports complex and the ag barn.

The CVB’s research indicates that the tourism industry contributed around $14 million in tax revenue to the city, county, and other local taxing entities.

Each time the City of Kerrville or other local government entities considers a “quality of life” project, it’s not simply the recreational benefits to the residents that are considered — it’s the economic impact that’s the real prize. Quality of life projects such as the River Trail, Sports Complex, and downtown streetscape enhancements are not simply a way to entertain locals and provide aesthetic improvements for us to enjoy, but these projects also represent real economic impacts that we all benefit from.

Read Charlie McIlvain’s full article here: