Races for Place 1 and 2 shape up as deadline passes


Friday was the deadline to apply for a spot on the 2017 Kerrville City Council election ballot, and the race will not be as competitive as we thought. Despite 11 men submitting applications to fill the vacancy on Place 4 last week, only 2 of those candidates actually filed for the election ballot.

For Place 1, Mr. Vincent Voelkel turned in his application to run against incumbent Stephen Fine. Mr. Fine also turned in his packet last week, so┬áhe will appear on the May ballot. These two will be the only candidates on the ballot in this year’s election for Place 1.

For Place 2, only one candidate will appear on the ballot: George Baroody. Incumbent Glenn Andrew did not choose to seek re-election to his seat. So only Mr. Baroody will appear on the ballot, giving him a “free pass” for Seat 2.

Both of these challengers have run for council seats in the past. Most recently, Mr. Voelkel and Mr. Baroody both sough election to Place 3 in the May 2016 election. They both appeared on the ballot alongside incumbent Gary Stork. Mr. Stork was re-elected with approximately 38% of the vote, with Baroody getting 35%, and Voelkel receiving 26%.

Baroody also ran in 2015 against Stephen Fine for Place 1. Baroody came in third in that race, with Mr. Fine receiving 41%, Don Barnett 38%, and Baroody 20%.

This year’s election will take place on May 6, 2017.