EIC moves forward with Olympic Pool feasibility study


The EIC voted unanimously on Monday to move ahead with a funding agreement that would pay for a feasibility study on the Olympic Pool. The study would evaluate the condition of the pool, potential new features, competitive elements, staffing, and the use of the pool by Schreiner University and Kerrville ISD programs.

Staff will begin work on a funding agreement that will have to come back to the EIC for approval in March. If EIC approves that funding agreement, City Council would also have to add its blessing before the feasibility study can begin.

Director of Parks and Recreation Ashlea Boyle presented information to the EIC board about the pool’s current use and status, as well as items that would be included in the feasibility study. Her presentation can be viewed in the YouTube video below from 9:10 to 27:00.

Next Steps…

  1. City staff will draft a funding agreement for the study
  2. EIC will consider whether or not to approve that funding agreement in March
  3. If EIC approves, City Council also must approve, and that would probably be in late March or early April
  4. If Council approves, the City would put out an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) from companies that would like to provide the feasibility study
  5. The City would contract with one of those companies and the study would begin

EDITOR’S NOTE: Changed “request for proposals” to “request for qualifications” after it was brought to our attention that this was in error.