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Council approves Arcadia Theater funds

Kerrville City Council approved two funding agreements for the renovation of the Arcadia Theater on Tuesday night, moving the ball forward on a $2.3 million effort led by the nonprofit Kerrville’s 4th on the River (KFOR). The group applied for and received a $600,000 grant from the EIC (Economic Improvement Corporation 4B salex tax monies) along with $400,000 of HOT funds (Hotel Occupancy Tax). The group will raise approximately $1.3 million in private contributions to fully fund the project.

The $600k in 4b funds were approved by EIC last week, but council had to give its blessing for the grant to become “official.”

The KFOR nonprofit group plans to open the theater by July 3, 2020.

A short presentation was made to council and some of those slides are presented below.

Grant money will be used to repair damaged reuse lines

The October 2018 flooding damaged the water reuse lines at the Loop 534 crossing over the Guadalupe River. The aerial utility pipe bridge was constructed earlier in 2018, and the flood event brought massive amounts of debris downstream that washed out the pipes. Since that time, a temporary reuse line was installed to serve the customers across the Guadalupe.

Damaged aerial pipe crossing on the Guadalupe River near Loop 534 (Courtesy: City of Kerrville)

On Tuesday, the City announced that the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) approved a $1 million disaster recovery grant to finance the planning, acquisition, design, and construction costs associated with the damages.

“The City of Kerrville is very fortunate to be able to take advantage of this TWDB Disaster Recovery Program, which has helped make this a real lemons-to-lemonade type situation. The city intends to leverage these grant dollars to redesign and relocate this water and wastewater infrastructure to the Loop 534 bridge.”

Deputy City Manager E.A. Hoppe, via a statement from City Hall

The TWDB is the state agency charged with collecting and disseminating water-related data, assisting with regional planning, and preparing the state water plan for the development of the state’s water resources.

The damaged pipes had already been removed at the city’s expense while options were investigated for funding.

Council to consider Arcadia funding agreements

The next regularly scheduled Kerrville City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday evening at 6 PM in council chambers at City Hall. During this meeting, council will consider two funding agreements to partially fund the renovations at the Arcadia Theater on Water Street in downtown Kerrville.

The first agreement to consider is a funding agreement between the EIC and Kerrville’s 4th on the River (the nonprofit that seeks to renovate and operate the theater). The Economic Improvement Corporation (EIC) approved this agreement unanimously during its latest meeting on June 17. The agreement provides $600,000 in funding for the project based on certain milestones and requirements set forth in the contract.

The second funding agreement is between the City of Kerrville and Kerrville’s 4th on the River, and would provide $400,000 in HOT funds (Hotel Occupancy Tax funds) for the renovation of the theater. The language of this agreement is still being finalized by City Attorney Mike Hayes, and is not available for public viewing at this time.

In addition to these two funding agreements, council will also address these items:

  • An ordinance to prohibit truck traffic on Riverhill Boulevard
  • An ordinance to amend the Alcoholic Beverage Code
  • A resolution supporting Kerrville as a certified “Music Friendly Community”
  • Waiver of fees for the 2019 Chalk Festival
  • Extend the term of the Charter Review Commission
  • A Planned Development District (PDD) for “The Landing” along Thompson Drive
  • Contract for reconstruction of Hill Country Drive for $162k
  • Appointment to Planning & Zoning Commission

This meeting is open to the public and can be viewed on the city’s live streaming site here:


Agenda Packet for June 25, 2019

EIC grants $600k to Arcadia Theater project

Photo of the Arcadia Theater in 2013.

The Economic Improvement Corporation (EIC) on Tuesday convened its first regular meeting since being reconstituted with three new members: Greg Richards, Danny Almond, and Aaron Yates. The main order of business on Tuesday was to hold a public hearing for a potential funding agreement between Kerrville’s Fourth on the River (the non-profit that owns the Arcadia Theater) and the EIC.

Following the public hearing and executive session, the EIC approved the funding agreement unanimously. The contract must now be approved by City Council in order for the funding to move forward.

In the proposed agreement, the EIC will provide $600,000 to the nonprofit to go towards the $2.3 million renovation budget. Kerrville’s 4th on the River intends to use the property for live music and other performances and events. As part of the agreement, the nonprofit must meet specific performance measures, such as a specific number of public shows during the first three years. The entire agreement is being finalized and will be made public in the City Council agenda packet for their June 25 meeting.

The $600,000 provided by the EIC does not cover the entire renovation budget. As mentioned, the entire renovation budget is approximately $2.3 million. In addition to the $600,000 EIC contribution, the nonprofit will also request $400,000 in HOT funds (Hotel Occupancy Tax funds) which must be approved by City Council. The remaining $1.3 million will be raised through private philanthropy and donations.

Funding Sources

  • $600,000 from EIC (4b Sales Tax)
  • $400,000 from HOT funds (Hotel Occupancy Tax)
  • $1.3 million from private philanthropy and donations


  • EIC will contribute $600,000 in grants to the Arcadia project
  • The nonprofit that owns the Arcadia must meet certain milestones and performance requirements to “earn” the funding
  • Kerrville’s 4th on the River will seek an additional $400,000 in HOT funds
  • The entire renovation budget is $2.3 million, the remainder of which will be funded by private donations

Full Meeting Video

Multiple arrests made following undercover operation

Early Tuesday morning, residents in the Ingram area were awakened by the sounds of helicopters swirling overhead. Ingram Police Department issued a statement that the helicopters were part of a law enforcement operation. And at 11:15 AM, the Kerr County Sheriff issues a press release announcing the results of the morning’s activities.

Eleven arrests were made at the conclusion of an undercover narcotics operation that uncovered a methamphetamine distribution ring in Ingram and Kerr County. Several law enforcement agencies participated in the sting, including Ingram PD, Kerrville PD, DPS, US Marshalls, local constables, Attorney General’s Office, Homeland Security, and New Braunfel’s PD. The eleven arrests were for delivery of controlled substances and delivery of marijuana.

The press release is pictured below.

Today: Public hearing for Charter Review

The City of Kerrville’s Charter Review Commission will hold a public hearing today (Tuesday) at 4:00 PM at City Hall. The public is invited to attend and to view a presentation on the proposed charter amendments. After the presentation, the public may comment and provide feedback on the proposals. Individual committee members and the commission as a whole invites the public to attend, listen, and take part in the discussion.

Agenda for today’s Charter Review Commission meeting.

What is the Charter?

Under Texas state law, any city with a population of 5,000 or more may elect to operate under a “charter,” which is a document that defines the methods and means of governance in a city. You can think of it as the city’s constitution, of sorts.

Beginning in 1913, Texas requires charter cities to maintain their governing document and amendments with the Secretary of State. You can see Kerrville’s and other city’s charters at the Texas State Library of Archives, or for Kerrville, on the city’s municode website.

Our charter includes lots of important provisions, such as the municipal city limits boundaries, the process for annexation, rules for electing and serving on city council, procedural rules, recall provisions, administrative rules, and much more. The charter is one of the most important documents that sets forth how our city works.

According to City Attorney Mike Hayes:

A guiding principle in the creation and continuing foundation of this great country is democracy, and local self-government is a key component of democracy

–Mike Hayes, January 2019, Kerrville Daily Times

Amending the Charter

Our charter has a provision to amend the charter every so often. Section 14.07 sets forth the requirement that our charter be reviewed every five years, or more. The council shall appoint a Charter Review Commission that includes seven residents of the city, and the group will propose recommendations and amendments, and then present those to the City Council.

Once the proposed amendments are approved by council, they go to the citizens for a vote. The last time we had a charter amendment vote was in 2014, when voters considered eight amendments. Those amendments passed with overwhelming margins. But council actually rejected three proposed amendments from the commission which would have lessened the requirements for a recall election initiative. Those three did not appear on the ballot.

Should the council approve any recommendations this year, the amendments would likely be on the ballot for the November 2019 election.

The Commission

This Charter Review Commission was established in November 2018, and includes the following members:

  • Brenda Craig
  • Stephen Fine
  • John Harrison, Chairman
  • Peggy McKay
  • Greg Richards
  • Michael Sigerman
  • Michelle Yanez

More information about the commission, including its agendas and minutes, can be found here:

The Meeting

Let us hear your voice through one or more of the opportunities mentioned above. The future of our city depends on it.

–City Manager Mark McDaniel, April 12, 2019, Kerrville Daily Times

Today’s meeting at 4 PM is open to the public and will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall. Kerrville United urges all interested citizens to take part. As the Kerrville 2050 Plan states, this is “Your Voice, Your City.”