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Special meeting to discuss Mike Hayes contract

City Council has called a special meeting for Friday, October 20, at 2:00 PM in council chambers at city hall to:

Deliberate the employment, evaluation, and contract of the City Attorney.

The meeting agenda includes language to allow the council to adjourn into executive session, which would be closed to public viewing. However, the public is allowed to attend the open portion of the meeting, which includes voting on any action that was discussed during the executive session.

Some social media viewers have already criticized the scheduling of the meeting during a workday, which precludes much of the public from being able to attend and support Mr. Hayes.

At this time we don’t know if this meeting will bring resolution to this matter, or if it will just be an additional discussion or negotiation with Mr. Hayes. We will bring you the latest news as soon as we have it — most likely on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

We seek to understand all points of view

The goal of Kerrville United is to inform and educate the voters about the most important issues we face as a community. Although we do express particular viewpoints from time to time, we have always invited those who might disagree with us to give us insight from their point of view. To that end, we want to officially encourage and invite Mayor Bonnie White, Councilman Vincent Voelkel, Councilman George Baroody, and others who support them to provide us with statements — whether the format is audio, video, or written statements — or other materials to help understand and clarify “the other side of the argument.” We will publish them! Or if you prefer, we are happy to host an interview. Whether it’s about the Mike Hayes contract, or any other issue that we discuss on this page, we invite a polite and substantive debate.

On that point, I want to encourage our readership to engage one another in a manner that we would be proud to show our children and grandchildren. It’s ok (and encouraged) to debate the issues, but the most constructive debates don’t include any grandstanding, name-calling, ad hominem attacks, or any other obscene or obtuse behavior. Let this be a forum to discuss these matters in a high-minded way, because we’re setting examples for our children, and we’re advertising to other communities what Kerrville is all about.

To properly educate our audience, we want to be clear that we are still actively seeking engagement from all points of view, and we encourage you to come forward and share your views with us! Feel free to reach out to me at any time.

–Aaron Yates

Termination of City Attorney Mike Hayes Contract

This is a developing story with new information coming in all the time. Please be patient, and we’ll edit this post as more information becomes available.

During the City Council meeting of October 10, 2017, the City Council apparently terminated the employment contract with City Attorney Mike Hayes. See the full video below.


Here is a copy of the contract between Hayes and the City.

2016-56 Employment Agreement Between City of Kerrville and Michael C. Hayes-City Attorney by Aaron Yates on Scribd