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Is it time to close the Flagstaff Inn?

The man who has been charged with — and has confessed to — the murder of an employee of the Ranch Radio Group had a last known address at a room at the Flagstaff Inn in Kerrville. This is according to his jail records page on Kerr County Public Records Archive.

The man charged with murder was last reported living at the Flagstaff Inn.

The man charged with murder was last reported living at the Flagstaff Inn.

This is not the first time that criminal activity has been associated with, or taken place at, the Flagstaff Inn of Kerrville at 906 Junction Highway. A quick search of Kerrville Daily Times archives shows the following:

  • Man asked for directions to Flagstaff Inn and then robbed a convenience store (September 2015)
  • Man staying at Flagstaff fears “snipers,” calls police, gets arrested for possession of meth (July 2013)
  • Man arrested for possession of meth while at Flagstaff (February 2013)
  • Man arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct at Flagstaff Inn when police say he was found peeping in someone’s widow (February 2011)
  • A seven-hour standoff at Flagstaff occurred when an armed gunman held police at bay from one of the rooms (March 2002)
  • An arsonist set fire to part of the Flagstaff Inn (February 2000)


State and County Lawsuit

The State of Texas sued Flagstaff Inn owner Arvind Patel in 2013. County Attorney Rob Henneke stated that 30 criminal offenses occurred at the Flagstaff from May 2012 to May 2013, including three assaults, one vehicle burglary, nine illegal drug possessions and several “intoxication offenses,” such as minors consuming alcohol and public intoxication.

A few weeks later, it was reported that the county and the hotel operator were negotiating a settlement, but no further news was reported on the matter.


Bad Reviews

The reviews from sites like Yelp and Google tell the story of the hotel pretty well.

Total roach motel. Smelly dirty, total dive and definitely NOT worth $275 and BARELY worth $190/week. Totally dated interior. Old linens, kitchen was dirty. I would be afraid to sleep on the bed for fear of bedbugs.

This place is smelly, dirty, ugly, and the water pressure sucks. Do not waste your money or time here because you will regret it.

Probably bed bugs here.

Absolutely beside myself that people that work for hospitality could have such rude inconsiderate attitude towards customers. I came from a very clean home never had a bug problem till I stayed at Falstaff. Bed bugs.

Paying Very Little Tax

According to the state report on Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax, the Flagstaff had only $13,600 in taxable revenue, compared to $117,000 at the Inn of the Hills and another $117,000 at the YO Ranch Resort Hotel. For comparison purposes, even the America’s Best Value had $25,000 in taxable revenues that month. So if it were to close, we wouldn’t lose much HOT Tax revenue at all.

The annual property taxes are approximately $12,730 per year. A pittance for a property that could be much more highly valued as almost any other business.


This hotel is a scourge and a blemish on this community. Police answer dozens of calls to this location each month, and the business contributes very little back to the community in the forms of taxes, contributions, or sponsorships. The City of Kerrville should use its regulatory authority to attempt to close this eyesore and hotbed of criminal activity.

The Historic City Election of 2016

On Saturday, May 7, the final votes were cast in an historic city council election in Kerrville, Texas. Record voter turnout for early voting plus election day voting helped boost Bonnie White to the mayor’s seat, and kept Place 3 and 4 incumbents in their seats — Gary Stork and Gene Allen, respectively.


Bonnie White has become only the second female mayor of Kerrville in the city’s history. The last time a woman was elected mayor was in the mid 1970s. She garnered 52.9% of the 3,205 votes cast for the mayor’s race, beating challenger Glenn Andrew.

Numerous candidates challenged the incumbents in Places 3 and 4, but Stork and Allen held on, taking 39% and 37% respectively, gaining a plurality of votes in the crowded fields for those races.

Statements from the Candidates

Bonnie White: “Thank you Kerrville. I am so honored to be your Mayor.”

Gene Allen: “Well my friends, it’s finally over. We ran a great race, we held our heads high and took the high road many times. We prevailed! History was made yesterday from what I was told. Being Re-elected makes for the longest serving council member in this city’s history. That’s unconfirmed, but what I was told by authorities on the subject! Lol […] Thanks to all who have encouraged, and helped in any way to make this possible. My promise to you is that I will continue to strive to make Kerrville better than it already is! Thanks so much! Gene”